Trips are our passion. Each one of our staff members loves to travel, especially in Israel.  We have acquired our taste for nature and the passion for trips somewhere in the ’70’s ,in our teens, when we used to embark on long trips and walked, the magical deserts of the Negev, the Arava Valley and the Dead Sea.  We explored the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Jaffa and Akko and their hidden corners, and the pastoral green hills and mountains of the Galilee and the Golan.

Our love for travel inspired us to establish MEDRAFT and the type of trips that we offer our clients.  Our greatest aspiration is to transmit this same love of places, people and country, to those who join our trips.

In 2001, we channeled our hobby into a profession and founded MEDRAFT as a company for nature and adventure trips, specializing in incoming tourism to Israel, and outgoing tourism to many destinations worldwide.  At first, we organized primarily rafting tours (MEDRAFT-MEDITERRANEAN RAFTING), then added desert tours, classic, culture, hiking and biking tours.  In 2014 we began offering individual tours with a virtual GPS guide, which quickly became one of our most popular and fast-growing products.

Today, MEDRAFT is the largest adventure tours company offering a wide range of tours, for individuals, closed groups and commercial organizations.

Our staff includes many expert guides, salespeople, a 24hour support team, and a logistic department, offering the best solutions, in the friendliest and heartiest manner, in keeping with  the famous traditional hospitality of our region.

We at MEDRAFT love nature and culture, people and landscapes.  For us, encounters are the most significant experience.  We believe that attention to small details make the big difference in making a trip successful.

Medraft’s success is based on knowledge, content and the quality of our guides.  Our stability, credibility, organizational competency, and professional logistics, make us the best choice for those who want to experience Israel in depth, enjoyably and safely.

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