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The Jesus Trail leads us in the footsteps of Jesus on his journey in the North of Israel. It follows a unique pilgrim route in the stunning Galilean landscape-from Nazareth through Sepphoris, Kafr Kanna, Nebi Shueb, Arbel Cliffs, the Mount of Beatitudes, to the Lake of Galilee, and finally Capernaum. Hiking is easy to moderate, 65 km. long.

Trip Highlights

  •   Mount of Precipitation
  •   Hike on the Jesus Trail heading for Beit Keshet Forest
  •   Views of Mount Tabor
  •   Migdal(Magdala)-birthplace of Mary Magdalene
  •   The Arbel Cliffs - amazing views to Sea of Galilee


Day 1 - Sunday - Drive to Nazareth, visit the city, and commence the Jesus Trail
Leave Tel Aviv and proceed to Nazareth.  Arrive at the center of the old city near the Church of Anunciation where we will commence walking on the Jesus Trail, passing by houses in the old city and the marketplace.  The trail will lead us to Kafr Kanna where we will spend the night.  Overnight at Kafr Kanna.
  • Arrival to Nazareth – the starting point of the Jesus Trail.
  • Hike on the Jesus Trail via the marketplace, the streets of Nazareth, springs of Sepphoris.
  • Arrival at Kafr Kanna where Jesus performed his first miracle.
  • Private accommodation in Kafr Kanna.
Accommodation: Good tourist
Meals: BB
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: 16 km
Ascent: 550 m
Day 2 - Monday - Second Day on the Jesus Trail and the Gospel Trail
Continue hiking from Kafr Kanna to the Beit Keshet Forest.  Join the Gospel Trail and follow it for part of the hike.  Proceed to the Plain of Hittin, Nebi Shueb-the holiest place for the Druze, and to Arbel Village.  Overnight in Arbel.
  • Hiking in Beit Keshet Forest along the Gospel Trail.
  • The Plain of Hittin and Nebi Shueb, holiest place for the Druze.
  • Mount Arbel.
  • Private accommodation in Arbel.
Accommodation: Good tourist
Meals: BB
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: 25 km
Ascent: 340 m
Day 3 - Tuesday - From the Arbel Cliffs to the Kinneret-the Sea of Galilee
Continue walking on the Jesus Trail to the site of Jesus’ ministry-the Sea of Galilee.  On the way, we will pass the impressive Arbel Cliffs and Migdal(Magdala)-the birthplace of Mary Magdalene.  We will arrive at the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus spent most of his adult life, and visit Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes  and Capernaum.
  • The Arbel Cliffs and Ginosar Valley
  • Migdal(Magdala)-birthplace of Mary Magdalene
  • Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum, end of the Jesus Trail.
Accommodation: Good tourist
Meals: BB
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: 24 km
Ascent: 150 m


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  • Accommodation - 2 hotel nights including daily breakfast in good tourist/first class hotels according to your choice.

  • Rented car –intermediate category - Mazda 3 or similar (upgrade at your choice)

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